If you are NOT running 2.5.12, Click here to download TowMagic 2.5.12 - the Newest TowMagic.

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To add Signature Group (formerly GE), Cross Country, Allstate or USAC to TowMagic follow the instructions below:

1.  Click on the Setup Icon from the TowMagic toolbar.

2.  Input your password at the login screen.

3.  Click on Edit MC Contractor ID from the Billing Information Screen.

4.  Click on Add MC Contractor ID.

5.  Input your information ONLY for those clubs you need to ADD.

6.  Click on Add Motor Clubs.

Note:  You may be prompted to select a location for Cross Country.   You can only add one Cross Country location at a time.   Please repeat steps 4-6 to add the other Cross Country locations.   You may call us at 440-237-6653 if you need assistance.

7.  Restart TowMagic to log into the motor clubs you just added.